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Reduction of the soft palate assisted by Coblation (Coblation-Assisted UvulopalatoPlasty (CAUP)


What is it?


  • Coblation is a leading-edge technology that quickly and effectively decreases excess soft tissue of the palate and base of the tongue. The technology uses radiofrequency energy with a saline solution. The procedure involves very little heat. As a result, healthy tissues are preserved, which allows faster and easier recovery than other techniques.


  • The coblation technology is patented by the company Smith and Nephew. This technology has been successfully used in over two million patients for nose and throat procedures (ENT).


  • Treatment of the soft palate assisted by coblation is an innovative medical technique that can control your snoring:
    • It significantly improves snoring in a few weeks
    • The procedure is performed in our medical office, under local anesthesia
    • The procedure often takes less than thirty minutes to complete

Coblation-Assisted UvulopalatoPlasty (CAUP) – (FR version only) 

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