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    What are tonsils?

    Located in the throat, the tonsils are structures composed of lymphoid tissue. They are mainly related to the immune defence against bacteria passing through the mouth.


    The term Tonsil can be applied to many areas of the body. The best known and most obvious are those that are seen when you open your mouth: the palatine tonsils. At the base of the tongue, the lingual tonsils are not visible unless you use a special mirror or an endoscope.


    They can restrict the airways and can promote the development of sleep apnea or snoring. Finally, the pharyngeal tonsils, or adenoid vegetation, are lodged in the posterior part of the nasal fossae and can contribute to the obstruction of nasal airflow.


    For various reasons, the tonsils in question may be larger than normal. If they are enlarged, they contribute to sleep apnea syndrome. As a result, surgery may be recommended.


    What to expect with tonsillectomy ?

    The removal of the lingual tonsils increases the airspace, thus facilitating the passage of air. This operation is performed in the operating room under general anaesthesia. A convalescence of a few days is then necessary.


    After the surgery, your surgeon will prescribe you a medication against pain. He will also give you advice on your diet. For example, it is recommended that you avoid hot foods and eat a softer diet.