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    Radiofrequency Therapy – Somnoplasty

    Radiofrequency (somnoplasty) is used to shrink tissue of the throat, palate or tongue, in order to create more space.

    The tongue, throat or soft palate is punctured with a special needle (electrode) connected to a radiofrequency generator. The inner tissue is heated to 158-176 degrees fahrenheit, which takes about 30 minutes.

    The inner tissue shrinks while the outer fabric remains the same.
    Several treatments are needed to complete the process.

    This is a new treatment and it is not available in all regions. The success rate for treating sleep apnea is not well established, as few studies have been published.

    Tongue Radiofrequency

    When an enlarged tongue is responsible for airway obstruction or a narrowing of the pharynx, reduction surgery may be indicated to improve air passage and improve breathing during sleep.

    Palatal radiofrequency requires one to three sessions to obtain the desired result.
    This is the most common treatment used today to treat snoring problems without sleep apnea or with light sleep apnea.

    Radiofrequency is most often used for the palate and uvula and is a very effective treatment for snoring. The base of the tongue can also be reduced by radiofrequency.