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9 tips to fall asleep in 30 seconds

How to fall asleep in 30 seconds. Here are some very helpful ideas.


  1. Read a book before going to bed

One of the best ways to sleep is to turn off the lights, snuggle in bed and read a good book. Reading makes it easier to sleep by getting you away from electronic devices and engaging in some relaxing activities.  


  1. Setting a bedtime 

Setting a bedtime can be extremely beneficial in helping you fall asleep. Not only can setting a bedtime help you physically, it also has great psychological benefits. Setting a time to fall asleep helps your mind recognize that it’s time for you to start relaxing. Setting a bedtime also helps your brain adjust its serotonin and melatonin levels, and helps balance your circadian rhythm.


  1. Eat healthier

Everyone is constantly promoting the benefits of a healthier diet. However, adjusting your diet to help you sleep better may well be worth it. Research has shown that increasing your fruit and vegetable intake can help improve your sleep as well as by increasing your levels of magnesium, potassium or other essential minerals your body needs.


  1. Keep your room cool

Make sure your room is as cool as possible. Research shows that your body temperature is essential for falling asleep, as it naturally drops when you start falling asleep. It is therefore essential to maintain a cool, but not too cold, temperature in your bedroom. 


  1. Practicing yoga before bedtime

Yoga may be a path to explore; some movements are designed to be slow, gentle promoting relaxation and help relieve body aches and pains that may keep you awake. Yoga is receiving a lot of attention because of its health benefits.


  1. Do meditation 

Meditation allows you to calm your mind and focus on the slow, rhythmic breathing that contributes to better sleep. In fact, one of the breathing techniques is perfect to calm you down and help you fall asleep.


  1. Stop drinking caffeine

One of the best ways to sleep is to eliminate the most common addictive ingredient: caffeine. If you want to fall asleep as soon as possible, try to reduce your caffeine intake, whether it’s in your tea, coffee or even chocolate. However, if you want to fall asleep, try to stop consuming caffeine after 3 p.m. helps improve the sleep experience. 


  1. Turn off your electronic devices

Studies have shown that blue light from electronic devices disrupts your brain’s ability to begin to relax for better quality sleep. Try turning off your computer, phone or tablet about an hour before going to sleep so your mind can relax.


  1. Invest in blackout curtains 

It is always worth investing in a solid pair of blackout curtains. It can be increasingly difficult to sleep with outside light coming in and ruining your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Blackout curtains are an excellent preventative measure because they will allow you to sleep longer, better and much less often.