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Celebration, alcohol and apnea

Whether it is during Canada Day celebrations, the holidays or any other occasion; it is well known that alcohol and festivity go frequently together. Did you know that alcohol can affect sleep quality and even increase the frequency and duration of apnea?


Drinking alcohol causes muscle relaxation. This includes the muscles in your airways, which then collapse more than usual while you sleep. This increases your snoring and your risk of completely blocking your airways. Alcohol also reduces your body’s natural vigilance to this phenomenon, which extends the duration of apnea state.


Most times, it is best to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages in the evening. We are aware that this is not always possible. If alcohol is part of your lifestyle, you should inform your sleep professional. He could then recommend an Auto CPAP. This type of device is able to adjust the air pressure it emits to optimize your treatment. If there’s been alcohol consumption, it can compensate for muscle relaxation by emitting a greater pressure.


Consume in moderation and good celebration!

Celebration, alcohol and apnea