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CPAP and new partner

Love is emerging with a new partner in your life. It is possible that you hesitate to spend the night with your new partner because you fear his or her reaction to the CPAP. Will he or she accepts the noise produced by the unit or does it give him or her the impression of sleeping alongside Darth Vader?


Being honest is undoubtedly the best strategy. Hiding your treatment with your new partner would only delay the moment when he or she would learn about it, besides it could also compromise your trust. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that is part of your reality. Neglecting to wear your CPAP could expose you to other risks related to lower oxygen level in your blood. Also, your new spouse will have to endure your snoring and apnea instead of the sound of your device. You are not in a better situation anyway.


Tell your partner about sleep apnea and treatment by continuous positive airway pressure. Expect a certain level of discomfort at first. Just like you needed to adjust to your CPAP at first, your new partner must also get used to the unit. After a while, it will seem normal to him or her as it is to you.


Should your new spouse fails to get used to CPAP, an alternative could be considered. Sleeping in separate rooms is not an ideal situation that everyone can accept as it will affect your intimacy. Talk to one of our sleep professionals, he can advise you on this. For example, if the device is too loud, a newer model or a different mask can help reduce the sound. Also, surgical and nonsurgical alternatives could also be offered if they apply to you.