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Is hitting the snooze button bad for your health?

Using the snooze button starts during your teenage years. The circadian cycle is a bit tumultuous, and your body tells you to stay awake a little more while pushing the awake the next morning.


For many people, the snooze functionality is a must. It allows you to stay in bed longer and grab minutes. For others, this word seems to come from another world. Quick reminder, the snooze functionality appears once your alarm clock rings. 2 choices come with open arms:
1. You can get up immediately
or, 2. Press the snooze button and enjoy your bed a little more. 


If, you don’t need the snooze button to wake you up. Lucky you! You are on the right path. For the others, we invite you to read our article because this numeric tool could be terrible for your health. 


The general idea pushes you to think sleep more will help you to recharge your batteries, except that this is not the case. According to Reena Mehra,  M.D., M.S., Director of sleep disorders research in the Sleep Center of the Neurological Institute at Cleveland Clinic, the resting excess is not helping your body to recovery. It could have the opposite effect and tired you up more. 


Why does press the snooze button not a good idea? 


The body has many mechanisms helping him to awake you and move. One of them consists of increasing body temperature. You are less sleepy and ready to start the day. 


This stage begins 2 hours before the body awakes. If you don’t sleep enough, your alarm clock will ring while your body temperature is still in a deep sleep. 


The snooze functionality misled your brain system  


To correctly perform, your body needs routine. Without a good sleep routine, you mislead your brain. It doesn’t know how and when to prepare you due to a shaken body clock. Setting the alarm  clock a few minutes before the “real alarm” is confusing for the body. The human organism is more efficient when it follows a daily routine. Pushing the alarm clock over and over tends to do the opposite. It sends a wrong signal to the body. 


Why a regular sleep cycle is important?


Having a clear structure is recommended for a good night’s sleep. If the sleep cycle is disrupted, the effects come immediately after waking up. 


The sleep cycle can be affected by several factors, such as snoring or sleep apnea. These conditions affect the sleep cycle so that the sleeper does not feel the beneficial effects of a night’s sleep. 

Other factors such as the use of electronic devices, the consumption of alcohol and tobacco can affect the quality of sleep. 


Postponing the bedtime by nine minutes using the “snooze” button won’t give you a more restful night’s sleep. Indeed, there is some hypothesis suggesting that it might cause the brain to release additional neurochemicals that stimulate sleep.


Bottom line: It’s probably best to set your alarm clock to a specific time, and then get up. If you’re constantly tired during the day, your sleep habits are not good and need to be improved.