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Traveling with a CPAP

Traveling becomes almost irresistible when you are on vacation. Only one problem: What should you do with your CPAP?

Many people choose to leave their CPAP at home, thinking that if they were able to live without it before their sleep apnea was diagnosed, why not get a few days off? The truth is that once you stop using your CPAP, your episodes of sleep apnea will resume. Your sleep will be less restful and you may lose the habit of sleeping with your CPAP.

The CPAP can follow you!

If you are going abroad, for some reason, your CPAP can make the trip with you. It is considered a medical device, so you can cross the border with it. Be aware that your CPAP could be inspected. It is generally recommended to bring a copy of the prescription with you. This can help you if you are being questioned. The prescription may also be useful if it breaks during your stay or if you forgot a part of it. Check it well before you go!
Your CPAP can go on the plane with you. Most airlines do not count medical devices in the number of luggage that you can carry in the cabin. Ask your airline company about sleeping with your CPAP on the plane if your flight is long and / or overnight. When seeking to know if an electrical outlet is available, you should ask if the airline company allows the use of a CPAP on the flight and if a medical certificate is required.Traveling with a CPAP
Once abroad, your CPAP will need a power source. Some modern devices directly integrate the adapters required for different voltages. If this is not the case with your device, be sure to have the necessary equipment depending on the country you visit.

 The great outdoors

With the beautiful summer weather, some travelers will be tempted by the outdoors. If you are an adventurous person, it is possible that your taste for camping does not include places with electricity service. We have to admit that bringing your CPAP will require extra effort.
That’s no problem; your desire for a restful sleep equals your desire to discover the wilds! Traveling with a CPAPSome CPAP include a battery that can provide a certain number of battery hours. However, you must find a way to recharge it if you leave for a long time. Some people do it with solar chargers or with power supplies. Others use alternatives found on the Internet and for which we recommend great caution.

If you are a frequent traveler, you might consider investing for a travel type of CPAP. These devices are light, compact and above all, they include batteries that can be used for several nights. Some models even offer a solar charger. Contact your supplier, he can advise you on this.